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Re: IRQ conflict

On 04/29/2013 09:42 PM, Maxim Karpenko wrote:

I've also saw the same issue with my shared IRQs (and also IRQ was
shared with nvidia graphics card).

If you look in your dmesg, it suggests you to boot with "irqpoll" option.
As for me - this didn't help until I added also "noirqdebug".
After that I'm running already 6 days without problems and required
reboots (before that I had to reboot every day).

If this doesn't help, I also saw suggestions to boot with "noapic"
option (as non-preferred).
Hope, this will help you.

Thanks for your useful suggestions.
I *temporarily* solved the problem by installing irqbalance package.
I'll try 'irqpoll' or 'noapic' if the bug comes back.
Best regards

"Art is meant to disturb. Science reassures."
"L'art est fait pour troubler. La science rassure" (Georges Braque)

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