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Re: Why does my ssh session terminate immediately?

On Wed, 24 Apr 2013 23:19:19 +0200, Andreas Leha
<andreas.leha@med.uni-goettingen.de> wrote:
> Hi Jean-Marc,
Hi Andreas,

> thanks for your suggestions.  See the results inline.
> [SNIP]
> So it says 'disconnected by user'?  I might mention, that can login to
> (all) other machines with that client without problems.
Strange, indeed.

What you can try is:
- do the same test making a connection with a "working' server to
compare the results.
- check if you got error at network level (on your server with the
problem, <netstat -in> should display interfaces and errors counters).
- take a look at the network traffic with a network analyzer like
wireshark, looking especially to TCP RST packets (reseting connections).

> Regards,
> Andreas


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