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Re: .wav to text?

On 4/22/13, Hans-J. Ullrich <hans.ullrich@loop.de> wrote:
> I suppose, they are more in unstable. :)

I got bitten by 3 things:
a) I am running a local repo (slow rural link, so I update at a
friends every few weeks or so to a usb drive);
b) Pocketsphinx has only come into the main repo relatively recently;
c) When I went to packages.debian.org, at the top was a search bar, so
I naturally enough searched for pocketsphinx, and got no results.

Thus, my question of where are these packages :)

Thanks all,

PS the p.d.org site does have a packages search field, but it's
further down the page, and that doesn't display without scrolling on a
normal FHD monitor; the top search bar only searches the debian.org
website it seems. Today, pocketsphinx "website search" _did_ come up
with one result, pointing at the QA site.

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