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RAID 6 mdadm

i was watch a person's video regarding RAID 6 with mdadm
his configuration was very low, some old system probably
2GB RAM, 3x8TB Hard Drives, 4port Ethernet card for channeling.
and the guy was giving review of his home server. he says he will channel the 4 port Ethernet to achive 4Gbps network throughput. and 2 drive redundancy with RAID6.

my question is
since i can not invest that huge money for testing so just asking from experience users. isn't it going to be a problem because of bottleneck and limited throughput of SATA 7200 rpm 3TB drives?

actually what i need is 4GB LAN throughput with teaming (802.3ad) for data storage to backup VMs and same huge data manipulations will be done. so just confused if it going to work or not.


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