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Re: Migrate from Icedove to Thunderbird.


Excerpt from Jose Manuel Pérez:

>> How do I migrate my
>> 1] email
>> 2] filters
>> 3] mailboxes
>> 4] address book
>> from Icedove to Thunderbird?
> If you are migrating in Linux, just copy .icedove directory to 
> ..thunderbird

i suppose this to be a typo as it should be '.thunderbird'

> and it should work (mail, address book, calendar, ect.). 
> I've done it from thunderbird to icedove and viceversa.

While this works to my experience this leaves traces of the old path
'~/.icedove' in the profile behind.
This should compile a list for you:
$ grep -HiIrn '\.icedove' ~/.thunderbird

But do not blatantly exchange those two strings. It really depends in which
files and in witch context those strings are mentioned.


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