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Re: Modifying Iceweasel Start Parameters

On Mon, Apr 08, 2013 at 08:32:53PM -0400, Ethan Rosenberg, PhD wrote:
> Dear List -
> I am trying to start Iceweasel with a specific program.
> The following sort of works from the command line,
> iceweasel -No-Remote localhost/choice.php -width $1280  -height $1024

DISCLAIMER: I'm using the parameters specified at [1] as I don't have
iceweasel installed here at the moment. I expect them to be roughly
akin, though.

First of all, you should probably spell the first parameter as
"-no-remote". The parameter parser MIGHT be case-insensitive, but it
won't hurt to adjust that.

Secondly, I would expect the URL you're passing in to be referring to
the choice.php file in the localhost directory under the current
directory? If that's the case, fine. I just want to check you weren't
trying to access http://localhost/choice.php or even file:///choice.php.

Finally, have you realised you've put dollar signs before the width and
height? This means you're going to pass in the values of the variables
with those names (chances are they're blank).

So, try:
	iceweasel -no-remote localhost/choice.php -width 1280 -height 1024

[1] http://kb.mozillazine.org/Command_line_arguments

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