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Re: Migrate from Icedove to Thunderbird.

On 09/04/2013 06:43, Ethan Rosenberg, PhD wrote:
Dear list -

How do I migrate my
1] email
2] filters
3] mailboxes
4] address book

from Icedove to Thunderbird?



Good day,
Here is a script that I use to migrate from debian to any other OS.
But modify it to suit your circumstances.
Been doing it for years.
By just changing you can do the reverse.
From thunderbird to thunderbird is the same just change the hidden file names for the systems. After the transfer when you first time start thunderbird it will check your additions etc.

rsync -av /media/johan/trans-3/sam-all/home-all/.icedove/ /home/johan/.thunderbird/

I play around with about five different OS'ses and do this from my "master" OS.
Like firefox, gnucash, all other files I would like to transfer.
Do this with scripts.

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