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keyboard shortcuts

Running 6.0.7 with all updates. Opening a terminal is set to Ctrl+A.
This has worked flawlessly for months. As of yesterday, Ctrl+A
highlights all of the file icons on the desktop but fails to bring up
the terminal. Rebooting restores the function....once. Thereafter it
revert to only highlighting the desktop icons. 

/var/log/messages gives 

620.483505] thinkpad_acpi: unhandled HKEY event 0x6040
Apr  8 13:04:08 localhost kernel: [  620.483507] thinkpad_acpi: please
report the conditions when this event happened to
Reporting it is fine but it gives no clue as to how to attack the

Any pointers greatly appreciated.

Bob Holtzman
If you think you're getting free lunch, 
check the price of the beer.
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