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Re: What's Up With Debian.org?

Dňa 01.04.2013 20:26 Bret Busby  wrote / napísal(a):

> The problem is that the Debian web site appears to have been breached
> and thence compromised.

Why? Because the logo was changed? If someone want do some as phishing,
then it will never change nothing (nor logo) or almost nothing. If
someone break the site, and will want to other know it, then there will
be more important changes, than logo only ;-)

> Is that supposed to be funny?

Yes, this logo is funny (and nice)!

Working with (and for) debian is nice and funny, not only hueless job.
Anyone need sometime do something funny and tell to whole world, that he
is happy! Please, be funny and happy too ;-)


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