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Re: What's Up With Debian.org?

sirquijote@lavabit.com grabbed a keyboard and wrote:
>> On Tue, 2 Apr 2013, Bret Busby wrote:
>> So, has the web site been breached, or,. is it that the Debian Project
>> people think that computer security and security breaches, are funny?

What breach of what security?  The people who have authorization to make
changes to a site can make whatever changes they like - it's not a
security issue if it doesn't give others access to stuff they shouldn't
have access to, and it's not a breach if they themselves are the people
who did it.

>> If the Debian Project people regard computer security and security
>> breaches as humorous, then there is the question as to whether Debian is
>> to be taken seriously.

Overreact much?

>> Whoever did what has been done to the Debian web site, should be
>> executed.

A bit extreme, don't you think?  Ok, clearly you fall into the "doesn't
have a sense of humor" category, despite you posting HHGTTG quotes in
your signature.  Chill, seriously.  You're getting worked up over
nothing - it's a non issue. :-)

> For a man who quotes Douglas Adam in his sig, you're sure taking this
> harmless attempt at getting into the spirit of April Fool's Day in a
> humourless manner.

Yea, what he said. :-)

> I've only been using Debian for the shortest of short whiles, and have
> been subscribed to this list for an even shorter time, but I'm quite glad
> to see that the team behind the website were able to stick their tongues
> in their cheeks and engage in a bit of tomfoolery.

Yep, it's always nice to see such things.  Honestly, I'm surprised that
Google isn't running some kind of April Fool's gag this year, given some
of the ones they've pulled in the past. :-)

> I think you just got caught by surprise, jumped to the wrong conclusion
> and may be feeling a little embarrassed at having been caught out by the
> joke.
> Just smile and see it's all in good fun, and you'll be fine :)

Also, what he said. :-D

Seriously, Bret - yes, computer security is important and is a serious
subject.  But coming up with a bit of silliness on a website - their OWN
website - is neither a security issue nor a big deal; it's a bit of
humor, nothing more.  Given how dry the computer sciences are, it's
always nice to cut loose with a bit of harmless Geeky humor every now
and then. <grin>


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