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Re: time zone and UTC issue [rant]

On Wed, 2012-11-28 at 16:01 -0800, unruh wrote:
> In linux.debian.user, you wrote:
> >
> > Exactly, there are no issues when using Linux with the hardware clock
> > using local time.
> Yes, there are. If the clock is on localtime, when Linux boots up it
> assumes that the bios clock really is on local time-- and if since you
> last shut it down, daylight saving time change has occured, it assumes
> that yo uhave adjusted your bios clock to the correct daylight saving
> time. Ie, YOU have to make sure that your bios clock is always on the
> correct time including all DST changes. Under UTC the bios clock never
> changes for DST. Linux uses /etc/localtime to display the DST corrected
> time, but the bios clock does NOT have to be adjusted with DST occurs.

That's not true, after running ntpdate everything is ok.

> >
> > I don't say that UTC always is an disadvantage, I just try to say, that
> > for some usages it is an disadvantage.
> Nope.

So the BIOS does transform the UTC time to local time too? It doesn't.

> >
> > Nobody does explain for what usage UTC is an advantage.
> >

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