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Re: time zone and UTC issue

On Mi, 28 nov 12, 14:09:42, Ralf Mardorf wrote:
> The Linux has to know if the hwclock does use UTC or not and then it
> will set up the clock, when running a Linux to the correct time for your
> timezone. IOW you only have to inform what time hwclock does use.


> I'm living in Germany, if my hwclock would use UTC time, then saving
> e.g. BIOS settings, would add a wrong time to the files. So I can't see
> an advantage in using UTC. I'm using local time for the hwclock.

Probably not a major problem, but assuming the computer is physically 
moved to a different location you have to change both the BIOS clock and 
the timezone configuration, whereas if the hardware clock is set to UTC 
you only have to change the timezone configuration.

I can't think of any other issue (assuming correct configuration).

Kind regards,
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