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Re: gnome3 broken on wheezy

2012-11-27 17:20, ChadDavis skrev:
After recent upgrades, my gnome3 no longer works.  The system boots and
I can log in to an X system, but it looks more like gnome2, than gnome3;
the whole activities thing and the favorites menu is gone.  Instead, I
have the mutliple window changer thing in the bottom right corner.

So, how do I start troubleshooting this?  I looked in /var/log/gdm3
logs, but couldn't see anything that lept out.  There were some errors
from the nvidia driver levels, but those were in older logs and, as I
say, the UI works, it's just not gnome3.

As you do not seem to know what has happened:

You are logged into the "fallback mode", also known as gnome classic. I only know of two reasons, you either (by mistake) chose this as the session in gdm when you logged in, or gnome thinks your 3D graphics support is insufficient.

I would look at the list of recently upgraded packages, anything relating to gnome or graphics drivers.

Unfortunately, I do not know how to troubleshoot it. I assume it would be in some logfile, but as you did not see anything in gdm3, I do not know where you should look.

/ Johan

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