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Re: xfwm4 failure and fix

On Sat, 2012-11-24 at 17:51 -0500, Patrick Wiseman wrote:
> Hello, all:
> Just fyi, on a recent restart of my testing machine with xfce, my
> window manager appeared broken (no workspaces, no title bars, etc.).
> Googling revealed that xfwm4, for reasons unexplained, had not been
> restored when the session restarted. One suggestion was Alt-F2 which,
> in xfce, brings up a window allowing one to run an application; but
> text entry was broken. Another was to do 'rm -r ~/.cache/sessions'.
> After doing that, and a restart, windows control is restored. Hope
> that helps someone who encounters the same problem.
> Patrick

For current Xfce4 on other Linux distros deleting the cache only does
solve some issues. There's much more broken for current Linux (perhaps
at the moment not for Debian, but for other Distros that already follow
upstream dictatorship), not only Xfce4 is borked. I keep Linux, but I
also take a look at BSD and at Linux solutions without X, DBUS, systemd
and all that crap hat at the moment at least slows down performance.


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