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Restore problems with backuppc and apache

I have a Wheezy system setup with backuppc to back up 3 computers - all ext3/4 systems. I have been trying to restore to a cold iron system. Every time I try to create a restore.tar file the process stops at 331KB when the file should be about 21GB. The file contains the directories and no data. The files on the backup system have all of the data and look OK. Several other people with similar setups have tried the exact same commands (GUI) and have not had this problem. I started thinking that all of the GUI information runs through Apache2 so I turned logging up to debug on apache and made another attempt at creating a tar file. Lo and behold, I got the following error message in the Apache error log:

[Date stuff] [error] [client] Out of memory! referrer: http//backupsystem/backuppc/index.cgi

I then opened a systems monitor program, re-ran things again and watched the system ram max out and then the swap file start filling up. When the swap file got to about 1.2GB the process quit. The swap file is set to 2 GB so I am not sure what is going on here. If the problem is with my Apache setup it might explain why no one else is having the problem. I looked at all of the other pertinent log files but found no other entries. Specifically, the syslog and kern.log did not show OOM kernel shutdown. Communicates between computers is being handled by rsyncd. Can this be a problem if the tar file is being created on the same computer where the backup data is stored. Any ideas?

Gary R.

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