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Failing to find LVM on RAID in while booting wheezy.

My wheezy root partition is an LVM2 partition on one of Linux's esteemed 
software RAID1 partitions, which itself is based on two partitions, one 
on each of two hard SATA drives. 

Booting (through squeeze'e grub2 -- I still have a working squeeze 
system, and it supports current production ise) gets me as far as a 
busybox after it fails to fine its root partition.  Could I already be in 
the booted kernel?  My guess is yes, because the root partition's 
identity is passed to the kernel as a string.

Now inside the busybox I can ls /dev. and my LVM setup just isn't there.  
I'd expect it in /dev/VG1, VG1 being my volume group.

There was also a message that had come before saying it failed to 
recognise the partition table on  the RAID disk.  THis is the RAID disk 
whose contents should have been managed by LVM2.

Now there's enough postings around the net to suggest that this may have 
to do with the scan for logical volumes having been done before the RAID 
subsystem has been started up.  

How can I get it so scan again for logical volumes from the busybox?  And 
after I've done that, how can I get it to try to look for the root 
partition again and proceed with booting.

Or is there likely something else going wrong?

By the way, I have had no problems at all booting squeeze, where / is 
also in an LVM2 partition on the same RAID.

And I should mention that the wheezy I'm trying to boot is stuck halfway 
in a squeeze-to-wheezy upgrade.  I followed the instructions in the 
release notes up to the point where I had to boot into the new kernel, 
and have been unable to complete this step. 


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