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Wheezy beta3 Screen Locked Problem

I am running Wheezy beta 3 in a VM on my 64 bit laptop with 32 bit apps enabled.


I have encountered a strange (at least to me) problem in that only some apps are locked to the upper left hand corner of the monitor when they are opened.


For example, the Chrome browser can be moved as can the Trashcan can be moved, while Synaptic is opened in the middle of the screen and can't be moved.



Also, I had changed the number of desktops in the Workspaces app to t2o from the default four.  When I booted into the desktop this morning, the number of windows was changed back to four (not by my doing) an he app was unresponsive to changing the number of desktops.


Now, I realize that this is a beta distribution, but is there something I can do to correct this problem?


Thanks in advance.


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