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Samba problems

I'm having a problem getting Samba set up on one computer, and any
pointers would be appreciated.

I have two computers, identical except that one has an 80 gig drive and
the other has a 250 gig drive.  Both have an external USB drive, which
is the drive I'm trying to share out across a home network.  Both have
the standard Debian Samba ( installed on them.  One works
perfectly.  When the USB drive is present, it's shared; when it's
disconnected from it's computer, obviously, it's not available, but when
I connect it back up - BOOM - it's there.  My Windows 7 computer loves
it for a network drive.  The other one works not at all.

I've followed the setup as described at howtoforge.com for setting up
Samba, and my windows 7 computer just won't browse to it.

It's probably something careless on my part, but I can't figure it out.

Someone have time to start walking me through it?

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