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Re: Wheezy-beta3 kde install.

On Wed, Nov 14, 2012 at 2:59 PM, <berenger.morel@neutralite.org> wrote:
There are 3 solutions, here.
The first one is to install KDE, LXDE or XFCE at install time. To achieve this, you have to go to installation options, at boot time. I do not remember the exact name, maybe "advanced"... Here, you will find things like "automated install", "expert install", their GUI variants, and "alternative desktop environment".
The last one is a sub-menu which will allow you to choose a different DE than gnome.

The second, installation time again, is to choose to *NOT* install desktop environment when the installer ask you which package you want to install. After that, you will have to install what you want in command line (using apt-get or aptitude, depending on your preferences). This is my usual install process, removing everything, then going into aptitude, disabling auto-install or "recommended" packages (so many useless things there...) and adding my usual tools. Because I do not use a classic DE, this is easier for me than to remove all crap they install, even more since aptitude does not auto-remove suggested packages marked as automatic (and so makes it harder to have a clean system with only used packages).

The last one is when you have an existing installation.
Go on a tty, kill gdm (and more generally, X server), then, remove gnome* to install what you want.
Removing gnome* can be made by the aptitude ncurses (easier imho), or both aptitude and apt-get command lines.

Each of those methods have their advantages:
1: easier when you do not really want a highly customized installation
2: the longer way, but let you install only things you are almost sure to install
3: allow you to correct an error you did at installation time

If you need more details, just ask again.
Hope it helps.

Le 14.11.2012 05:34, L V Gandhi a écrit :

I downloaded wheezy beta3 kde cd and installed. But i got gnome
desktop. How to install KDE and remove gnome safely.

I have already installed KDE. Now how to remove GNOME with out disturbing KDE?

L V Gandhi

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