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Re: Macintosh LCD brightness control

Hi List,

have you tried pommed ?


Best wishes,

On 14/11/12 13:31, lina wrote:
On Wednesday 14,November,2012 08:03 PM, adam wolter wrote:
Release 6.0.6 (squeeze)

i have the PowerPC version installed on a lampShade iMac G4.

LCD monitor brightness is controlled by function keys F1 and F2 which
have brightness markings.

it all works well.

i just want to know HOW so i can make similar support in ubuntu.

Volume controls work well also and i can find XF86 Keyboard Shortcuts.

"xdotool key XF86MonBrightnessDown"  works also but there is no Keyboard
Shortcut for it !

Can someone tell me how the F1 key is bound to XF86MonBrightnessDown ????

Until now, it has been more than two years.
In the past, if I wished to adjust the brightness of the monitor, I
would come back to Mac OS. It worked even switch back to debian.


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