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Re:mount: /dev/ad0s1 : No such device

William A. Mahaffey III wrote:
>  .... I am brand new to Debian [...] [I have a box that] has 2 other drives
>  on it, 1 IDE 500 GB Seagate, 1 SATA 500 GB WD. Those are both use ext3
>  filesystem, left over from the CentOS 5.7 that I was running on that box
>  before the root drive died. I tried to mount those drives as ext3 drives & I
>  get the following:
>  # mount -t ext3    /dev/ad0s1  /mnt
>  mount: /dev/ad0s1: No such device

Are you sure that /dev/ad0s1 is your file system? I'd expect a PATA drive to
show up named /dev/hda or /dev/hdb and partitions named /dev/hda1 etc. Likewise
SATA drives are normally named /dev/sda with partitions named /dev/sda1 etc.

Are you running debian-kfreebsd?

What does dmesg say about the disks? What about 'cfdisk -P s /dev/ad0'?

Fredrik Jonson

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