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Re: Noob Question :-/ ....

On 11/11/12 13:05, Jude DaShiell wrote:

Slackware 14.0 is available and it also has a small footprint.  If you
choose not to install all the bloatware no g.u.i. you can probably end up
with a full command line installation except for emacs in a little under a
hundred meg.  If you decide to install emacs, I suggest you do it using
slapt-get since slapt-get will download some of the g.u.i. stuff emacs
uses in terms of libraries.  I would have suggested talking arch but that
installation isn't for anyone unless they're really not afraid of the
command line.

Thanks for the reply .... Yeah, I could go DSL or Puppy as well, but I was/am looking for stability & maturity (that's why I was using CentOS, pretty stable, safe & sound), so probably not arch .... CentOS 5.7 showed 600-700 MB of RAM being used (free -m) with NFS & samba servers, runlevel 3 (no desktops, etc.), the 2 data drives, & little else .... that is sitting at ~125 MB at the moment, but w/o the 2 data drives, no NFS or samba .... we'll see if/when I get those going ....

Do you know if ext3fs is in fact supported under the kfreeBSD kernel ? The installer required UFS for the root drive, said the kernel needed it .... it did go ext2 for /boot .... TIA for any more clues & have a nice day :-) ....


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