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restart problems monitor or GPU

This is a recent development. I run Debian unstable by apt preferences I have a:

Samsung SyncMaster 215tw

Nvidia GeForceT 9800 GT Graphics Accelerator (silent cell)

Recently on a systems restart be it Debian or Windows 7 the monitor blacks out i.e.
doesn't pick up and display the signal. If I check the monitor source and menu the
test always say the connection is OK and the source says PC meaning the monitor is
communicating with the GPU.

The only way I've found to work around this is on a restart do a CTRL-ALT-Del then
wait for the restart again where at that point, I shut off the power.

On turning on the power, the monitor will work again properly  provided I don't
turn-on the monitor too soon.  If for instance, the monitor comes on with the power
and fails to find a signal in around 5 seconds, it won't pick up the signal from
the GPU when the computer is turned on later.  In other words there is this 'dance'
of turning on the computer waiting for the boot sequence to start up then turning on
the monitor. That always seems to work after a power down, power up.
I've not experienced this one before. it's really an annoying little thorn.

Any suggestions leading to an amelioration of this problem would be resounding.


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