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Re: How to set display resolution manually?

On Wed, Nov 07, 2012 at 05:37:06AM -0800, houkensjtu wrote:
> I installed debian-wheezy on my lenovo x121e laptop, and since it comes with
> a only 11.6 inch display, I plugged in a monitor through VGA port.
> Fortunately without any configuration I could got the same content display on
> both my laptop and the monitor I plugged. However the resolution are both
> 1366x768, which is not enough for my full HD monitor.
> So I don't want fancy dual-display, I just want to fix the resolution on my
> monitor to become 1920x1080. How can I do it?

What desktop environment are you using?

With GNOME 3, 

	System Settings → Displays

And what you set is re-used next time you attach the monitor.

(I have the x121e! It's a great laptop.)

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