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Re: Partial success - an informative crash - was [Re: First attempt to use preseeding]

Brian wrote:
On Sun 04 Nov 2012 at 06:55:41 -0600, Richard Owlett wrote:

*My procedure*
1. Partition/format a 16 GB USB stick as single primary partition
formatted as ext2 using Gparted.

At this stage of the installer's operation it is very happy to deal with
FAT16. I'd suggest you fall in with its wishes rather than having to
persuade it to use ext2.

And this is documented where?
Just to be safe ;> I grabbed another USB stick and formatted it to FAT16 with Gparted.

2. Copy a sample preseed.cfg to it (some answers had been changed to
match my needs).
3. Boot from DVD 1 of 8 of Debian 6.0.5
4. From the menu choose "Automated install"
5. Press <Tab> to edit
6. Backspace to remove "Quiet" leaving "--" as last thing on the
7. Append "preseed/file=/sdb1/preseed.cfg" to the line

This tells the installer the preseed file is at /<directory>/preseed.cfg.
If the directory does not exist the installer will not find the file. If
the file system on the USB stick is not mounted on <directory> the
installer will still not find the file.

I'd not choose sdb1 as the directory name, but if you choose to keep it:

I hope it's obvious that I thought I was designating a "physical device" *NOT* a "logical device".
Sorry, but in a lot of ways I still show my CPM-80 heritage ;)

     mkdir sdb1

     mount -t vfat /dev/sdX1 /sdb1

Both done after getting a terminal with ALT-F2.

That procedure does not AND (i suspect) *CANNOT* work.
REMEMBER, I have a "virgin" machine and DVD 1 of 8.
I insert DVD and instruct BIOS to boot from it.
When menu appears. ALT-F2 does ABSOLUTELY _NOTHING_  ;<

HOWEVER, after performing Step 7 above pressing <Enter> and allowing install to proceed to the error screen one may then
a. access terminal with ALT-F2
b. enter commands
     mkdir sdb1
     mount -t vfat /dev/sdX1 /sdb1
c. return to the error screen with ALT-F2
d. press <Enter> twice
e. Choose "Load debconf preconfiguation file" from menu
f. Enjoy your Debian machine

Now to go tweak the example preseed.cfg file to create the system I want :}

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