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Re: linpack benchmark

On 11/4/2012 10:42 AM, Dr Beco wrote:

> With so many processors out there, each one installed in a different
> system with different amount of RAM, kinds of disks (normal, SSD,
> flash, etc.), a benchmark like linpack came to fill a gap when
> comparing systems (not only processors).

That is incorrect.  HPL exercises only the CPU/memory subsystem (mostly
CPU).  It doesn't test interconnect performance.  The program "solves a
dense system of linear equations" and that's it.  It is a "show off"
test which demonstrates maximal FP throughput of the processor.

The HPC Challenge is a collection of 7 programs, including HPL, that
perform a variety tests to more accurately show the real world parallel
performance of a parallel HPC system.

Keep in mind that these tests are designed to show the differences in
performance among parallel supercomputers and compute clusters with
thousands to hundreds of thousands of cores.  They are not targeted to
the type of single system "historical" performance data you seem to be
collecting.  There are probably better programs available to meet your

Debian may have an HPCC package, but this list is not a good place to
ask for help as there are likely no HPC users/experts on the
debian-users list who are familiar with these things.  I suggest you ask
on one of the Linux cluster lists, or simply read the HPCC documentation:



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