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Re: Catastrophe on Bootup

On 11/1/2012 1:23 AM, David Baron wrote:
> I get as far as the USB ports.
> From there I can get into a root-shell where I must vgmknodes to get my lvm 
> volumes mounted!
> Various other inits like USB capabilities, network (cannot find eth2 device!), 
> etc., rc.local, are not executed. Problem in udev which I cannot execute 
> manually:
> sudo /etc/init.d/udev [whatever...]
> Signal 11 (SEGV) caught by ps (procps-ng version 3.3.4).
> ps:display.c:59: please report this bug
> [warn] udev does not support containers, not started ... (warning).
> While I can get to my data, system is useless!
> What to do?
> Running Debian Sid, up-to-date.

From:  http://www.debian.org/releases/sid/

"sid" is subject to massive changes and in-place library updates. This
can result in a very "unstable" system...  Use it at your own risk!

SID is a developers release.  It exists so devs can find and fix bugs
before code goes into TESTING.  It is NOT meant for daily use, and not
expected to be usable in a production environment.

It is expected that anyone running SID is able to fix pretty much
anything that breaks, submitting patches back to UNSTABLE.

David, you've been around the block a few times, and you're not a
developer.  You should know better than to run SID and ask here for help
when the system blows up.

If TESTING/Backports doesn't get you close enough to the bleeding edge,
then perhaps you should choose another distro.


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