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connect to two APs

i asked this on a fairly regional linux user group list about a week
ago and didn't get any hardware recommendations. i figured i'd ask
here for a wider net. here is the thread i started last week:

what i want is a usb wifi card that can connect to multiple
accesspoints at the same time. i've been told this would be slow - i
only need this to do ~100kbps (12.5k - i'm guessing 84k voip + vpn
overhead) for voip traffic inside a vpn tunnel (anything else is

after some googling (actually, google was useless and it was mainly
duckduckgo) i found that the madwifi driver supported up to 4 virtual
interfaces to be used as access points. then i found documentation
that said it was now integrated into the kernel and supported by the
ath5k and ath9k drivers. i was never able to find someone that had
used one card to connect to more than one access point though.

so, is this the technology i'm looking for if i want to connect to
multiple access points at once?
is this only supported by the two atheros chipsets or are there other
cards that support this?
any recommendations on a usb card for the job? everything else being
equal, the smaller the better.

if i can't find a card that can connect to two networks, i'm thinking
of getting an unpowered usb hub (probably this: Targus ACH74US Ultra
Mini USB 2.0 4-Port Hub) and then get two Edimax EW-7811Un. if i have
to go this route, any idea if i can run two wireless cards off of an
unpowered usb hub? how badly will two wireless cards right by each
other interfere with each other? i'm guessing a cm of separation
should be enough? should the cards be 90* to each other or would 180*
work as well (i don't know how directional and which way antennas in
those usb cards are) ?

note: i'm aware there is a voip protocol for hopping between networks
called vcc. this needs to be enabled on the infrastructure and i want
to jump across networks that i won't own and maintain a call.

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