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Re: Network hardware.

> Can anyone recommend a forum or mailing list for discussion of
> network hardware?  A search in Google Groups yields advertising.
> Not within the scope of debian-user but with many knowledgeable
> readers I'm taking the liberty of asking here.
> We have a Linksys WRT54G in a community hall and want to extend
> the range.  Candidate devices are the Linksys RE1000 and the
> PLWK400.  The PLWK400 is just a PLE400 and PLW400 together.
> 1. Which if any of these things uses the 110 V wiring as an antenna?
> 2. Does the PLW400 communicate directly with a router or through
> the PLE400?
> 3. For simply extending the range of a wireless router, does the
> PLWK400 have any advantage over the RE1000?
> All the documentation pages I've found are superficial and unhelpful.
> Thanks,        ... Peter E.

Have you seen those artifacts?


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