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Re: Advice on system purchase

Am Montag, 29. Oktober 2012 schrieb Stan Hoeppner:
> > For powerful laptops and power saving desktops I think Intel 
> > Sandybridge/Ivybridge is best bet currently - except for the
> > political  dimension.
> Sure, but 90% of users don't need "powerful".  All the cores sit idle
> most of the time, and a faster CPU doesn't make Thunderbird or Firefox,
> IE or Outlook express, go any faster.  Nor any of the standard desktop
> apps.  90% of users would benefit more from a low wattage dual or even
> single core CPU, with an SSD instead of a rust drive.
> But it's hard to sell people on the truth after you've been lying to
> them about the benefits of 4-8 core CPUs for many years...

Yeah, as you pointed out its about peak performance.

But if you look at my powertop snapshots you will see that the Linux 
Kernel mostly switched between 800 MHz and turbo mode, i.e. give me all 
MHz you can squeeze out of the CPU given the current load on other cores 
and GPU. Especially if regularily it does it mostly on one core. If that 
core can go faster it may have a noticable effect.

So a higher peak performance may have a beneficial effect on latency in 
short high load situations like starting an application or other high 

Whether thats noticable? Well, one would have to test it.

I think to see any difference during application load times tough you need 
to have a good SSD alongside. But I do believe that the kernel pings 
between 800 MHz and turbo mode not for nothing.

That said: By all means, I bet there are numerous AMD CPUs out there that 
are just fast enough already. So I think we basically agree with 
difference in detail scope.

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