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lenny vs squeeze eth drivers

I had lenny monitoring a "tigon3" eth in promiscuous mode watching a
mirrored switch port that carried a dozen or so 802.1q tagged vlans.
The monitoring of the traffic worked great and as expected.

I then upgraded the server to squeeze and monitoring failed brutally.
While the eth on squeeze saw traffic, it was weird and inaccurate.

I installed another eth, which used an e1000 driver, and the mirroring
began again as expected.

The eth using tigon3 communicated fine over a normal untagged vlan, but
the tagged vlans failed miserably. Is it possible that promiscuous mode
is messed up on squeeze/tigon3?

Could anyone suggest any possible explanation for the eth using tigon3
driver failing on squeeze? Many thanks!
Jim Pazarena         debian@paz.bz

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