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RE: ServeRAID M5110e driver for Debian Squeeze

Hello Berni,

>> I have a new server IBM X3650 M4 with a raid controller ServeRaid 
>> M5110e. I'm having a problem finding driver for this device. I tried 
>> to install debian using the ISO from http://kmuto.jp/debian/d-i/ which 
>> say that it has the driver for the M5110e but still no avail. I tried 
>> the megaraid_sas, megaraid, megaraid_mbox and megaraid_mm but nothing 
>> works.
>> Anyone have an experience with this?
> Use software raid. Reconfigure the controller to present the disks individually then:
> http://www.iprobot.net/linux-tutorial/how-to-setup-software-raid-in-debian-ubuntu/

For a software raid veteran that might a good solution but....

A HP hardware RAID controller is build to make it easy on the users. Automatic failover AND fall back when a hot spare is present> The controller understands when a new disk is placed after a failure and updates the RAID array all by itself. A software RAID solution is a lot more maintenance and should be considered a last option. But... It might be the last option for S0lid if he cannot get a driver for the controller.

Bonno Bloksma

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