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reportbug hangs


 I just installed Debian and wanted to report a bug, but reportbug itself hang 
after I configured it...
 I followed the configuration questions, the gtk appeared but it is completely 
hang afterwards. Here is my .reportbugrc:

# reportbug preferences file
# character encoding: UTF-8
# Version of reportbug this preferences file was written by
reportbug_version "4.12.6"
# default operating mode: one of: novice, standard, advanced, expert
mode advanced
# default user interface
ui gtk2
# offline setting - comment out to be online
# name and email setting (if non-default)
# realname "KKK KKK KKK"
email "kkk@kkk.com"
# Disable fallback mode by commenting out the following:
header "X-Debbugs-CC: kkk@kkk.com"
smtphost reportbug.debian.org
# You can add other settings after this line.  See
# /etc/reportbug.conf for a full listing of options.

 It is also very annoying that I cannot Ctrl-C on the terminal, I have to kill 
-9 the process. If I start reportbug afterwards, the gtk window appears and 
hangs again.

 Any ideas?
 Thank you,

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