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Re: High PCI Adapter Temperature

On Tue, Oct 23, 2012 at 07:06:04AM -0700, Zhong Jiang wrote:
>    Hi,
>    I'm running Debian Squeeze on my Hp Pavilion dv6 dual boot laptop, and am
>    experiencing problems with the temperature readings produced by
>    lm-sensors: 
>    root@debian:/home/zhong# sensors -f
>    k10temp-pci-00c3
>    Adapter: PCI adapter
>    temp1:      +164.3�F  (high = +158.0�F, crit = +239.9�F)  
>    Here's the detection result: 
>    What could be causing such high temperatures? 

Excessive load on the CPU, insufficient cooling (for example, a fan not
running or not running quickly enough or dust in cooling fins).

Basically, a CPU uses energy to perform calculations. Modern CPUs such
as the AMD k10 series are somewhat proportional in the amount of work
they do to how much energy they use. That energy is not used 100%
efficiently and some of it gets turned to heat. In order to avoid a
build up of heat (which would quite quickly melt a CPU), fans move air
over the surface of the chip, transporting the heat to a cooler point.

So, in other words, the high temperature is caused by a build up in
waste energy at the CPU - either due to too much being produced or due
to it not being moved away quickly enough.

You will notice that you are above the warning level for your sensor
(but not above the critical level), so you should either reduce the
amount of work the CPU is doing, if possible, or increase the cooling to

(Alternatively, if you're actually suggesting that the reading is wrong
(you didn't say that, but it's a common complaint), make sure your
/etc/sensors3.conf is configured correctly)

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