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Re: Kernel documentation

On Sun, 2012-10-21 at 09:14 +0100, Lisi wrote:
> <quote>
> We advise studying the README files in this root directory of the kernel 
> source, and Documentation/Changes or the documentation index of the kernel in 
> Documentation/00-INDEX.
> </quote>
> Presumably I have to download a kernel source to get at the README, but where 
> can I find the Documentation/00-INDEX?

You could browse Linus Torvald's Linux tree...


or the stable tree...


which contains the point releases made after Linus releases a version of

Of course, none of these will have Debian specific modifications and
backports in them, but if you want the Documentation directory, I can't
image its much different.

When you get to a gitweb page, under 'tags' pick the version you want
(note the '...' at the end of the tags list gets you to older tags).
Once you have clicked on the tag you want you'll get a rather boring
page, but at the top, click on 'tree', then you'll be able to browse all
the source tree at that tagged version.


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