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Re: systemd

On Tue, 2012-08-07 at 17:53 +0900, Joel Rees wrote:
> And it is my impression that they are, indeed, shouting about it,
> which is one of the reasons some people will find it hard to talk
> about systemd without talking about the developers.


I used reiserFS for a while, it was default for Suse. I didn't know the
name of one developer. A family drama does not concern me, but yes, mass
murder and war crimes would be reasons, not to use software. What do
people think why I didn't know Hans Thomas Reiser, but why I know
Lennart Poettering?

Showmanship is something completely different, especially when someone
hammers system relevant software into Linux.

I did not search for the name of the leading coder of PA and systemd, he
blast his name to everybody, even if you aren't interested. If somebody
does hardcore public relations to make himself known to everybody, then,
sorry, I can't ignore this. It belongs to the policy of this person to
spread his ideas, against the needs of to many users.

There's not such a discussion about some bad software package. If CD
burner x doesn't fit to your needs, test CD burner y.
Don't confuse my example with a discussion about a burning backend that
Linux had once upon a time ;).


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