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Re: Strange network activity after updates

On Mon, 06 Aug 2012, Paul Zimmerman wrote:
> I prefer the alternative. tcpdump is a much smaller package. :)
> So, I did this for several minutes and looked at the log. Doesn't
> look like it needs much technical expertise to interpret. The 
> content of the packets is printed in plain text and very clearly 
> what it should be for that address and port. For some odd reason 
> the AP is sending out a continuous stream of uPNP data. XML URLs
> to the interface points. Product ID and URLs to the hardware 
> manufacturer's site. That sort of thing. Other APs send out the 
> same sort of thing, in short bursts. But this one sends 10-14k 
> per second non-stop. 

Heh.  That's good, looks like it is just an annoying bug.

> Since it's not an emergency, I can just put up with it for now.

If that stream of useless crap is directed to a multicast address, the
AP likely will convert it to broadcast frames, and that is a very bad
thing for throughput on 802.11ag on most APs (and extremely bad if the
AP is trying to support 802.11b as well).

Refer to:

which actually has a pretty decent explanation of the problem with
multicast/broadcast frames on 802.11abgn networks.

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