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Re: dd command can't get the same uuid

Fnzh Xx wrote:
> root@debian:/home/tiger# dd  if=/dev/sda  of=/dev/sdb  bs=10240k
> 11447+1 records in
> 11447+1 records out
> 120034123776 bytes (120 GB) copied, 4729.59 s, 25.4 MB/s
> root@debian:/home/tiger# blkid
> ...
> why /dev/sda6 uuid don't equal /dev/sdb6 uuid?

I expect the kernel cached the previous value.  I expect you would
need to trigger the kernel to re-probe the partitions again.  Not
sure but seems reasonable.  (shrug)

  # apt-get install parted
  # partprobe
  # partprobe /dev/sdX

The 'blkid' command also has a cache too.  It might be necessary to
flush it or tell it 'blkid -c /dev/null' to avoid it.  See the man
page for details.


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