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Re: Problems with open source ati driver

On 05/08/12 15:42, Petr Voralek wrote:
>    Hello!
>    On 08/05/2012 12:10 PM, *Adrian Fita* wrote, and I quote (in part):
>> The best solution that I found was to downgrade to xorg 1.11 and hold
>> the packages from upgrading so I can use the fglrx driver. Some
>> instructions on how to do the downgrade[2].
>   Another option is to use fglrx-legacy (packages are now in the
> experimental repository) together with the current version of xorg, as I
> do it on my TP W500 (but this solution is probably only suitable for
> mixed (testing/unstable+experimental, or unstable+experimental) systems)...
> EDIT: I apologize for the private message -- news server did not allow
> me write to linux.debian.user, though I are logged into the conference
> via http://lists.bofh.it/options/linux-gate

Nice. Thanks for letting me know. I'll wait for them to enter testing
and then I'll make the change to the latest xorg. Until then I'm holding
up with xorg 1.11.

Adrian Fita

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