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Re: [OT] Who's interested in project management & collaboration tools? And...

On Sat, Aug 04, 2012 at 09:28:13PM -0400, Miles Fidelman wrote:
> .... where are they and how do I get their attention?
> Hi Folks,
> Open source software development involves a lot of distributed
> collaboration - and I expect that many folks here, like me, are
> involved in one or more projects, and dealing with all kinds of
> project management administrivia.  So.. I wonder if I might solicit
> opinions....

I think project management means different things to different people.
I find that 0 (zero, none, nada) of project management applications meet my
needs as owner of a small language services provider (translation
agency), for instance.
They all seem overly complex and unadapted to my particular needs while
managing translation projects.
I've started writing a translation project management platform, myself, 
in php/mysql. http://tonyb.us/transprocloud

> I've been working on some open source software to support virtual teams
> and projects - putting some of the experiences and techniques I've
> acquired over the years into code - and I'm trying to gather some
> support via Kickstarter.

I imagine if I put my project up on kickstarter, I would get exactly 0
(zero, none, nada) support, too.

> The thing is, I'm having a very hard time getting people to even visit
> the project's web page - so far, only about 300 people have visited the
> Kickstarter page, despite some serious attempts to spread the word
> across various email lists, twitter, and so forth.

Nobody cares about project management platforms, except people who
write them, I'm starting to believe.

> It's one thing if people were looking at the page and not contributing,
> but I can't even seem to get people's attention - which suggestions one
> or more of four things:
> - nobody cares about project management 


> (I hope this isn't the case - I
> know administrivia isn't sexy, but an awful lot of people are working on
> an awful lot of projects, and getting buried in mountains of paper,
> email, phone calls, texts, meetings, and yellow stickies.  I sure know
> that I'm always looking for ways to declutter that side of my life)
> - I'm not reaching people who care.
all tony, all the time!

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