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Re: find -printf ' %TT

On Sat, 04 Aug 2012 22:57:55 -0700, Mike McClain wrote:

> Given "find / -type f -printf '%TT %p\n'". Gnu find previously printed
> hh:mm:ss for the files modify time but now is printing
> hh:mm:ss.0000000000 for all 33K+ files on my Squeeze system.
> The man page still says:
>     T      time, 24-hour (hh:mm:ss)

Mmm... man page also says:

"Nanosecond-resolution timestamps were implemented in findutils-4.3.3."

> Is there a way to get back the hh:mm:ss output as it used to be short of
> piping the output through sed 's/.0000000000//'?

Good question. I see no option/sample on how to configure the number of 
nanoseconds to be printed (maybe I overlooked the "man" page and also 
"info" doc) and curiously enough, "%Tr" does not get the decimal part :-?



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