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Re: Strange network activity after updates

JulHer <julher@escomposlinux.org> writes:

> maybe is SSDP >http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simple_Service_Discovery_Protocol >The other stuff I don't know, 
That's a possibility, I guess. But it's not an intermittent 
or occasional thing. And it doesn't run for a bit and then 
stop. This is a constant 10-14k stream of data coming from 
somewhere. What I don't understand is why the multicast IP 
address would be the source, and the router IP would be the
destination, and yet it shows up streaming into MY computer. 
(I don't control the AP.) Why would data streaming from an
abstract address TO the router/AP be incoming to my system?

If I boot Windows XP on the same machine (it's dual boot) 
and connect to the same AP I don't see this. And before these
latest updates I didn't see it in Linux either. So WHAT
changed in those updates? And why does it make the AP send
this continuous stream at me?

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