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Re: replacing GDM with a script

On 03/08/12 01:15 PM, Tom H wrote:

Interesting stuff. You can have 3-4-5 X sessions each with a different
window manager. It works when run from a TTY but I can't get it working from
a terminal in an existing session, despite what the author claims. What's
more interesting is it doesn't seem to any much of an additional load on the
CPU. I am sure there is one but the effect is minimal. However still far
away from my original idea of replacing GDM with a BASH script(s). But a lot
closer than I was this morning :)

I must've misunderstood you. I thought that you wanted to run your
three WMs simultaneously.

If you just want a script to launch one of your WMs, something like
this should do:

$ cat wm.sh

case $1 in
	/usr/bin/startx /path/to/wm1/executable
	/usr/bin/startx /path/to/wm2/executable
	/usr/bin/startx /path/to/wm3/executable
	/usr/bin/startx /path/to/wmX/executable

That works ! I guess it's pretty simple BASH scripting...but not something I could do :) Can you tell me how I can get this script to run automatically on boot ? rc.local ? Yeah I know...you've helped enough already :)


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