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Re: Printers using free software only

Am Donnerstag, 26. Juli 2012 schrieb Gaël DONVAL:
> Three goods points were raised:
> 1) Postscript printers (advertised so) are great in that regard because
> they only need a PPD (ASCII) file to work. This is not the only way to
> be sure the printer will work in 10 years but this is the easiest (BTW,
> I have never heard of someone complaining because some binary blobs for
> his printer were not available anymore...).
> 2) Even with open source drivers, you cannot control the firmware of
> the printer: some printers are programmed to force you to visit your
> reseller once in a while for "maintenance" or just stop working.

What? Well I better look that up in this thread.

I am quite confident my HP OfficeJet 5610 doesn´t contain such a nasty 
firmware, as I am using it for a real long time now.

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