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Re: GNU find: "print0" and "-type" arguments

Alex Robbins <alexdotrobbins@gmail.com> wrote:

>I have a directory that looks like this:
>├── dir
>└── file
>"dir" is a directory and "file" is a regular file.  I execute:
>find -type d
>and get the output:
>This is the expected output.  However, when I execute:
>find -print0 -type d
>I see (on a terminal screen that does not display null characters):
>The same goes for using "-type f".  It appears as though find ignores 
>the -type argument when the -print0 option is passed.  Isn't this a

The -print or -print0 option needs to follow the selection criteria, such as -type. 

I'm pretty sure this is documented somewhere in the findutils manual. 


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