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Re: Question on pam_access cron configuration

Well thank you for this delightful answer.

Yes, one could configure something like

+ : nobody : crond

But that is something I would like to avoid (which I stated in the
first email) since that would imply having this config on 500+
machines (each has the same access.conf)

I am looking for the pam way to achieve this.


2012/8/1 emmanuel segura <emi2fast@gmail.com>:
> man access.conf
> 2012/8/1 Dominik Klein <dominik.klein@googlemail.com>
>> Hi
>> I included pam_access in common-account in order to manage access to
>> my machines.
>> Now, cronjobs running as www-data or nobody cannot run because there
>> is no entry in the access.conf - and I really don't want an entry for
>> each cronjob.
>> My approach on fixing this was to exclude common-account from
>> /etc/pam.d/cron, but I still get
>> CRON[pid]: pam_access(cron:account) access diened for user "nobody" from
>> "cron"
>> What's the correct (debian) way to deal with this situation?
>> Regards
>> Dominik
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