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Re: [OT] Intelectual Property Law [WAS: Re: what graphic card to buy?]

On Fri, 20 Jul 2012 04:29:05 -0400
Gary Dale <garydale@rogers.com> wrote:


> As for Celejar's point about selling licenses - he's wants to make money 
> only from direct sales. That's his problem. In every business you have 
> to look for ways to make money. Direct sales is just one method and its 
> a method that isn't always the best model.

My points, simply, are:

A company does have, and should have, the legal right to (try to) make
money from the sale of its intellectual property. This is certainly not
the only business model software companies can adopt, but it's a
commonly used, workable, and effective one; it should be available to
those companies that wish to implement it; and FLOSS dogmatism and
fanaticism do not constitute serious arguments against this.


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