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Re: ATI Propietary driver install in Debian Wheezy (Xorg downgrade to a working previous version)

On Tue, 10 Jul 2012 05:56:50 -0300, Ezequiel wrote:

(please, keep html turned off, thanks :-) )

> Hi all: Searching in the Internet I've found a way to make ATI
> propietary driver work under Wheezy. Of course, it implies to downgrade
> Xserver to a version prior to 1.12.
> Now I can wait fglrx 12-5 (wich is supposed to work under the new XOrg.


In the Spanish mailing list, a user posted an alternative method to 
install the latest flgrx package in Wheezy (instructions detailed in this 
Debian's forum thread):


Not sure what solution (downgrading packages or patching a library) would 
be better, though...



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