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Re: Filezilla a security risk

On Sun, 08 Jul 2012, Markus Schönhaber wrote:
> 08.07.2012 13:59, Camaleón:
> > While imaps (tcp/993), pop3s (tcp/995) and smtps (tcp/587) make use of 
> smtps was defined as 465/tcp. 587/tcp is message submission which does
> not provide encryption on the transport layer.

Yeah, and 465/tcp use for SMTP over SSL was dropped in ~1998[1], and
IANA eventually assigned 465/tcp and 465/udp to other services.  465/tcp
is assigned to URD SSM, and 465/udp to igmpv3lite over UDP.

As usual in things like this, it was a bad move in hindsight: giving up
on port 465 became a drawback about five years later, when the world
started moving past the SSL crap and single-domain-constrained X.509
that existed in 1998 [2], to (still broken) TLSv1.0 and RFC3546, and
later to TLS v1.1+ and RFC 4366.

The same reasoning works for imap and imaps.  Fortunately, nobody gave
up on the 993/tcp imaps port, so it remains assigned to imaps by IANA.
pop3s never had any starttls alternative, and 995/tcp remains assigned
to pop3s.

Now, if ops people were more active on the relevant IETF workgroups, we
might have a TLS port for the submission service, which would help
deployments of hardware TLS endpoints (which is probably the only good
reason to still support port 465 for smtps, actually).

[1] http://www.imc.org/ietf-apps-tls/mail-archive/msg00204.html

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