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Re: Error messages on ".xsession-errors"

On Sun, 08 Jul 2012 03:14:34 -0300, Davi Garcia wrote:

> Hey guys,

Hello. Please, avoid using html posts, they are badly read from some 

> After many years, I finally returned to Debian. Now I'm using Debian
> Wheeze on my Thinkpad W510 for around 1 week now. The system is updated
> and it is being shown as a very stable platform, even though this branch
> is called Testing. I have being checking the logs, looking for errors
> and I found some that I would like to check if they are already known or
> if they are specific to my hardware. Checking the ".xsession-errors"
> file I found the following messages:


Using Wheeze here and yes, my "~/.xsession-errors" file is plenty of 
warning messages but unless I experience a specific problem within the 
desktop or applications themselves, I do not tend to report this because 
warnings and errors always have been there (different messages, of 
course) since GNOME 2, so I see them as a "feature" (useful for debugging 
purposes) :-)



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